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WANTED: Chris Brown, Rihanna Photo; Reward 100,000 Dollars


Wanted Poster Photograph of Rihanna and Chris Brown
Wanted: Photo of Chris Brown, Reward $100K. The poster may not be real, but the words are!

Paparazzi are scrambling at the opportunity to photograph Rihanna and Chris Brown together inorder to ‘cash-in’ on the photo worth now at least an estimated $100,000 dollars.

According to reports, photo agencies on Monday, said that a photographer that gets the first photo of the celebrity couple could sell the photo of Chris Brown with his alleged assaulted girlfriend Rihanna for $100K or to the highest bidder, so long as they are both in the photo together.

Reportedly the now infamous photo of the badly bruised and battered Rihanna was sold to celebrity gossip site TMZ for over $60,000.

In previous news the two were supposedly both spotted recently entering the same jet plane in Miami and exiting the jet plane in L.A., but were photographed separately on both occasions.

Meanwhile the paparazzi everywhere are arming themselves with the best of cameras, drinking extra coffee and energy shots so they don’t slip at the opportunity to catch a photograph of the couple together.

In other news, a recent song by Rihanna made its way online and is circulating the net with good feedback from fans. The song is entitled Whipping My Hair and as of yet, has no word from the singer’s team as to whether or not it is an official song from an upcoming album or simply an unreleased song previously recorded for another album.

Earlier in December, before the alleged assault, Brown made a statement that the two [Rihanna and himself] were actually collaborating working together on her upcoming album.

“I actually have a couple of songs written already that would be dope collaborations between me and her — and I’m writing for her new album now,” stated Brown in the recent report.

Wanted Poster Photograph of Rihanna and Chris Brown

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