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Khloe Kardashian Denies Partying With Chris Brown In Miami


Photo of Khloe Kardashian
After news began circulating that Chris Brown had been out partying with a group of friends and celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, the celebrity socialite and sister to Kim Kardashian has now responded denying reports that she was out partying with Chris Brown.

“So I woke up this morning to a ridiculous amount of missed calls and news EVERYWHERE that I had been spotted out and about in Miami with Chris Brown,” stated Khloe Kardashian in a statement. “The funny part about this alleged “news” is that I’ve never even met Chris Brown!,” she added.

As previously reported, Brown allegedly was partying on South Beach reportedly Saturday night with Khloe Kardashian and others, but it seems like that the source may have been wrong.

“Chris Brown was hanging with the group after stepping out of a car with cutie Khloe Kardashian,” an eyewitness said according to PEOPLE.

“It’s so silly how rumors get started,” stated Khloe Kardashian in regards to the recent news.

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