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Diddy Twitters During Tantric Sex


Diddy in the Bed With Two Women (Unforgivable)
Sean ‘Diddy‘ Combs has been having tantric sex and he’s updating the public live about it via the internet. The rapper goes on about his lengthy Tantric sex session and says after 10 hours, only after feeling sore, he had to stop.

Diddy writes “Having tantric sex!!! I feel so much better!!! Thank you,” via the rapper’s Twitter.

After 10 long hours of a goal oriented 36 hours, Diddy writes, “I gotta stop. I’m tired and sore! I’ll try again tomorrow. Go back to work people.”

Now many of you may be wondering WTF, what is tantric sex? Well here are a few definitions according to:

Discovery Health

Tantric sexual practices teach us to prolong the act of making love and to utilize potent orgasmic energies more effectively.


In Tantric sex the point of sex is not orgasm, the point is to feel.

Wikipedia (In the modern [ancient] world)

Tantra came to be viewed by some as a “cult of ecstasy”, combining sexuality and spirituality in such a way as to act as a corrective force to Western repressive attitudes about sex..

Wikipedia (In the modern world)

For some Tantric Monks used females partners to represent goddesses. In left-handed Tantrism, ritual sexual intercourse was employed, not for pleasure but as a way of entering into the underlying processes and structure of the universe.

In other news, as previously reported on HipHopRX, Diddy recently won a NAACP Image award for his production and acting roles in “A Raisin in The Sun.”

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