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50 Cent Pimpin’ Curly ‘The Fast Lane’ – Episode 4: ‘Meet Uncle Pinky’


Pimpin Curly Episode 4 The Fast Lane Meet Uncle Pinky
50 Cent has returned yet again in another episode of his new Pimpin’ Curly series. Pimpin’ Curly ‘The Fast Lane’ Episode 4 introduces Uncle Pinky played by actor Clifton Powell in this clip entitled ‘Meet Uncle Pinky’.

Pimpin Curly played by 50 Cent of course, leads from where he left off in episode 3, the beginning of ‘The Fast Lane,’ fighting with one of his rumbustious prostitutes. Curly speaks with the yet unidentified partner over the phone about the ordeal that he had to go through fighting with the prostitute who was quote, ‘testing his pimpin.’

Features in this episode included Curly purchasing a new Benz, riding the strip on a ‘ho stroll,’ playing mind games with a new prostitute prospect who he dropped off with another experienced prostitute for schoolin’ and, towards the end, Pimpin’ Curly took another prostitute to the sandy beaches of the children’s playground.

Check out 50 Cent’s Pimpin’ Curly ‘The Fast Lane’ – Episode 4: ‘Meet Uncle Pinky’

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