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Eminem’s Music Video ‘Crack A Bottle’ Still Leaked By Manager


Eminem Music Video Still For Crack A Bottle
Eminem’s manager and attorney Paul Rosenberg posted a picture of a homeless person, dirty and holding a liquor bottle wrapped in a brown bag, on his blog on Wednesday which is stated to be a music video still for Eminem’s upcoming music video “Crack A Bottle.” As previously reported, the single “Crack A Bottle,” is expected to be on his album “Relaspe” since 50 Cent has announced that he’s pushing back album “Before I Self Destruct” until Eminem’s album drops.

“Here is a still from the “Crack A Bottle” video which will be ready for the world within a couple of weeks. The video is directed by Syndrome and it’s going to be bananas,” Rosenberg stated on his blog paulrosenblog.com.

Reportedly the video is expected to premiere within a few weeks while Eminem’s album has no release date set, but is expected to be announced this spring, and may drop in a few months.

Eminem Music Video Still For Crack A Bottle

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