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Chris Brown Being Banned From Radio; Bruised Rihanna Photo Continues To Fuel Fan Outrage


Photo of Singer Chris Brown
Reportedly, not only is Chris Brown’s endorsement deals feelings the effects of his alleged assault on girlfriend Rihanna, but reports now say that several stations are beginning to remove all of his songs from rotation on their radio airwaves.

Sacramento radio station 103.5 The BOMB, is just one example of how the Rihanna, Chris Brown controversy and alleged assault is effecting music the fans hear.

According to KCRA Sacramento, the BOMB told listeners that they are banning Brown, and will remove all of his songs indefinitely!

Earlier last week, Brown was also removed from local radio station WAKS FM/ 96.5 in Cleveland who say they were flooded with calls after the photo of a battered Rihanna surfaced.

“After the alleged incident, the phones exploded,” evening host Java Joel said on the channel’s website. “It’s all that people wanted to talk about. They were outraged at his alleged behavior and wondered why we were continuing to support his music. I agreed and immediately pulled all Chris Brown songs from my show until this thing shakes out in the legal system.”

Will more stations follow suit? How damaging will this controversial, alleged assault effect Chris Brown’s career?

Was the photo of a bruised Rihanna that took the fans and other’s outrage and perspective in a whole different turn too much to bear? We know it provoked rapper 50 Cent to change his mind about Chris Brown’s allaged assault charges. Reports also say that Oprah Winfrery herself gave Rihanna a call after reports of the her being allegedly assaulted by Brown were released.

In the latest news, to make matters much worse, sources say now that Rihanna may have been pregnant at the time of the alleged assault by Brown. A secret supposedly held back from Brown for fear over break-up, the sources stated.

One things for sure, Brown’s statement of being ‘sorry and saddened‘ and his cooperation in anger management has evidently not been enough for fans, at least, not at this time.

Brown in scheduled for court on March 5th, 2009 as he faces felony charges of criminal threats following the incident with girlfriend, fellow pop-star Rihanna.

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