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50 Cent Says Rihanna Photo Changed His Mind About Chris Brown’s Alleged Assault


Picture of rapper/businessman 50 Cent
On Tuesday (Feb. 24), rapper and businessman 50 Cent, stated that after he saw a recently released photo of a bruised Rihanna, that the alleged assault was no longer a “laughing matter.” 50 Cent previously made reference of the Rihanna, Chris Brown assault news when he released episode 3 of his Saturday morning series of diss videos aimed at hip hop rival Rick Ross in the animated cartoon skit entitled “Officer Ricky: Everybody Hates Chris” which features celebrity appearances by both Chris Brown and Rihanna.

“I thought that was something you could use for humor, like any other comedian or someone else would utilize current events to put into their actual (you know), being humorous a little bit,” 50 Cent told MTV News on Tuesday.

Now after seeing the photograph of a badly bruised Rihanna, 50 Cent changed his mind about the alleged Chris Brown, Rihanna assault, saying “After I saw the photographs of Rihanna, that wasn’t funny anymore. Cause I didn’t have any information on it. You just going on what the public actually had at that point… it shifts the whole thing. Even if you’re saying you’re in a dysfunctional relationship, I understand that. But there’s a point when you’re already past a woman fighting you back. You look at it, and it’s obviously went past that point.”

50 Cent says he isn’t trying to take sides and is not firing at Chris Brown but that the incident and alleged assault is simply “not funny anymore” since seeing Rihanna’s bruised photo.

“There’s some issues there that definitely gotta be addressed. Not to take any shots at Chris or Rihanna or take sides in any way, but it’s really not cool. It’s not funny at all anymore,” added 50 Cent.

The rapper added that he will not reference the two in any further jokes or jabs at his hip hop beef rivals stating, “..that’s why there won’t be no more references to that from me in any way.”

Watch the video of 50 Cent talking about the Rihanna, Chris Brown alleged assault.

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