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Rihanna Gets A Phone Call From Oprah Over Alleged Chris Brown Assault?


Picture of Oprah Winfrey and Rihanna
It seems that Rihanna may have gotten a phone call from the Queen of talk show television, Oprah Winfrey regarding her and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, and the alleged assault.

Well according to celebrity gossip site Blackarazzi, sources are claiming that Rihanna has indeed spoken to Oprah, not about coming on the Oprah Winfrey Show but on a more personal note.

“To my knowledge Riri has spoken to Oprah,” stated the source to Blackarazzi. “Rihanna declined to have it as a topic on the show but spoke to her as a friend. Oprah told her that if its anything she can do just let her know,” the source added.

Could this mean Rihanna may be making an appearance on the show later, and as we all know Oprah, it may reveal alot more of the shocking truth, if so?

Well, one thing’s for sure, the fans definitely want to know more than Rihanna was spotted out on the town in L.A. for her birthday, or that Rihanna won’t comment on Chris Brown, or that Chris Brown is ‘sorry and saddened‘ over the assault, or that it was sloppy work of police, as Rihanna’s father Robert Fenty put it, for releasing a supposed photo of Rihanna bruised after the alleged Chris Brown assault.

More than ever now, fans are awaiting the outcome of when Chris Brown appears in court on March 5, 2009 on felony charges of criminal threat.

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