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Update: Luther Campbell ‘Uncle Luke’ Denies Arrest Due To Child Support


Photo of Luther Uncle Luke Campbell
As previously reported, Luther Campbell was allegedly arrested due to failing to pay child support according to the Miami Herald. The rapper/CEO was taken into custody on Tuesday night at the Miami Dade’s pretrial detention center and was released after paying the amount owed which was a little over $10,000.

Luther Campbell is now making claims that the report made by Miami Herald was untrue as to why he had been arrested. In a statement Campbell states, “The story in yesterday’s Miami Herald gives a false impression about my arrest on Tuesday. The arrest had nothing to do with “allegedly owing” over ten thousand dollars in a child support case. I have acknowledged that I am the father of the child in question and I am fully up to date on his child support.”

According to Campbell, he was arrested for not paying the attorney fees of his child’s mother who he has been in an ongoing legal dispute with.

“This past Tuesday I was at the courthouse on other business. When the sheriff learned of my presence on the premises, he had me arrested although the Florida constitution states that a person cannot be jailed for consumer debt. I was released from jail only after I paid the lawyer’s fees of the child’s mother,” Campbell stated.

Campbell goes on to state that there is a larger problem, “It’s one in which African-American fathers are routinely demonized as “deadbeat dads” by the legal system. It’s more accurate to call me a “denied dad.” I wanted the right to visit my child. I wanted shared parental rights. The child’s mother opposed my wishes. The court ruled in her favor. In fact, you don’t have to be a black man to face this kind of bias.”

The entrepreneur ends talking about how he contributes to the inner city neighborhoods everyday for two hours in Miami and that he works with not only teens but their parents.

“I work with their parents — mothers and fathers — who are having a hard time raising their children by dealing with the potholes in society today. Running from the responsibilities of taking care of my very own son is the last thing I would do,” says Campbell.

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