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Ricky Bell ”Very Disappointed” In New Edition, ”It’s Heartbreaking”


Photo of Ricky Bell of New Edition
Ricky Bell aka Slick of the group New Edition most known for their songs “Candy Girl,” and “Mr. Telephone Man” and also from the music group Bell Biv DeVoe, talks about the advantages and disadvantages of having a big record and trying to recover from it. The singer goes on to speak about he’ll never know when the former chart topping group New Edition formed in the late 70′s which became popular in the 80′s will ever get together to record an album again or to do a show or to work on a movie or anything else because they’re all bumping heads.

“Honestly I couldn’t even tell you when would be the time we’re going to get together to do anything,” Ricky Bell stated in a video to RollingOut Magazine.

The singer goes on to state that phone calls from any of the former group members are not being returned and that he doesn’t even know what Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill and Bobby Brown are doing, but he does know that they are doing some shows and formed a group of their own named Heads of State.

Bell goes on to express his disappointment in the group not working together stating “it’s heartbreaking” that they’re not working it out.

Is there a future for New Edition?

Watch the interview of singer Ricky Bell of New Edition.

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