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Chris Brown Pranked Over The Phone


Photo of R&B singer Chris Brown
Ralphige who’s known for prank calling celebrities does a prank call on R&B singer Chris Brown. Ralphige tells Chris Brown he’s Daddy Yankee and continually disses Brown in an attempt to get a reaction from the singer such as saying, “ay n-gga what’s up, listen I won’t you on the remix…” Chris Brown repeatedly interrogates the Daddy Yankee impersonator with questions in an attempt to prove that the person calling was indeed not Daddy Yankee such as asking the caller does he know Tina, mostly likely referring to his manager Tina Davis.

Chris Brown also says, “Call me without a blocked number homey” as Ralphige the prank caller states “it’s international” hinting that it’s not him blocking the call.

Mid-way through the call Chris Brown begins to have a little fun himself on the phone by doing voice impersonations. Towards the end of the call a lady gets on Chris Brown’s phone and Ralphige (the prank caller) says, “Ay Tina! I remember yo big tits.”

There is no details if the prank call was done before Chris Brown’s alleged assault against his ex-girlfriend Pop star Rihanna or not.

Check out the prank call to Chris Brown for yourself.

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