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M.I.A. Gives Birth To Baby Boy; Jokes About Planning Tour With Her New Son


Pregnant M.I.A. at Grammys and Benjamin Bronfman
Shortly after a very pregnant M.I.A. performed “Swagga Like Us” at the Grammy’s alongside Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, T.I., and Kayne on her due date (Grammy night, last Sunday), the songwriter, singer/rapper, and visual artist is stated to have went into labor hours later. according to a post on M.I.A.’s Myspace, she gave birth to a baby boy in Los Angeles on Wednesday with musician Benjamin Bronfman.

“Sunday nite I came home from the still in the mood to party, I coulda easily gone out but I went home instead, lucky i did!! Coz my early stage labor kicked in around 2 a.m. My baby was born Wednesday, he is healthy, fine, beautiful and the most amazing thing ever on this planet, of course I’m his mum!!! Me and baby are putting our tour dates for 2010 together, and making mixtapes, and figuring out a way to break out of the hospital! Hopefully the world is been ticking along and i ain’t missed much!”

For those looking to find out what their newborn son’s name is, the couple has declined to give it out at this time.

In other news, M.I.A. is scheduled to perform on February 22nd at the Oscars. The star has been nominated for her work featured on the “Slumdog Millionaire” soundtrack. The movie Slumdog Millionaire has been nominated for 10 Oscars.

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