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50 Cent and Chris Brown End Behind Bars In Officer Ricky: Everybody Hates Chris


50 Cent and Chris Brown Behind Bars in Everybody Hates Chris
Seems that 50 Cent and singer Chris Brown have landed behind bars together. Chris Brown, for his fight with Rihanna and 50 Cent for threatening an officer of the law or should we say a correctional officer of the law on 50 Cent’s newest episode of his Saturday cartoons series.

Aimed at dissing his adversaries episode 1 entitled Officer Ricky was a diss animation cartoon aimed at and featuring only rapper Rick Ross and 50 Cent. In episode 2, other celebrities began to appear in the diss attacks. How Officer Ricky Got Signed featured not only a diss at Rick Ross but also DJ Khaled with appearances by Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Now we come to episode 3, “Officer Ricky: Everybody Hates Chris” and it too features celebrity appearances by Chris Brown and Rihanna, in the diss attack aimed at most of 50 Cent’s adversaries including Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe and Foxy Brown.

Even though he has huge rap dreams, Officer Ricky still takes his career as a Police Officer very seriously as he chases down Chris Brown, the latest in his quest to lock up all of the music industry. Officer Ricky then hangs out with some of his NYPD buddies and shoots a music video right in New York city.

At the end of the episode, 50 Cent and Chris Brown land behind bars together.

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