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Rihanna, Chris Brown Assault Case: A Closer Look, Investigators Probe History Violence


Photo of Chris Brown with Rihanna looking through cellphone.
Everything has been somewhat hush hush as the LAPD tries to develop its case against teen R&B singer Chris Brown for allegedly assaulting Rihanna on Sunday. Although things are still a little sketchy, things are coming together slowly as all parties attempt to cooperate with authorities and their questioning.

Reportedly, Rihanna has opened up to investigators and stated that Chris Brown has hit her in the past, although the couple have displayed harmony in public. As first reported, Rihanna is stated to have admitted that the two got into a argument due to Chris Brown receiving a text message from a woman who’s name is not being disclosed. As things get deeper into the investigation, Rihanna is being now reported as stating to have asked Chris Brown to take her home and she also reportedly faked a phone call to a friend telling the ‘no voice’ on the other end to have the police there waiting.

Meanwhile, as more information comes about, there are still many unanswered questions from both parties that are being avoided. Past statements given by both Chris Brown and Rihanna in interviews have been brought into the limelight also which deals around violence within their family. Chris Brown, in a Giant Magazine interview, stated that his mother had been abused when he was a child by his stepfather, while Rihanna admitted to physically fighting and ‘bursting’ a glass bottle over her brother’s face to Complex Magazine. Like many rappers, these such statements are giving investigators and therapists something to feed on.

As the case gets pieced together, based upon the statements and the evidence that they do have and what one alleged unidentified witness has stated, everyone is weighing out what will happen to Chris Brown.

As with any case, if the witness fails to show up, cooperate, or their story changes anytime throughout this, Chris Brown may be let off with some stipulations or at the Judge’s dismay, he will carry on the charges of a misdemeanor for either simple assault (willful and unlawful use of force or violence against another person) or simple battery (an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit a violent injury against another person) with possibly a fine, summary probation (probation with a probation officer), felony probation, or summary/felony probation and a fine.

While others are speculating the outcome, Chris Brown has been currently charged with felony criminal threat which is defined as a threat of violence, threat to hurt, injure or kill others with the intent of intimidating or frightening them, or causing public panic. Unlike some states, a felony in California under this offense qualifies as a strike under its Three Strikes Law.

In the end, Chris Brown is scheduled for court on March 5, 2009.

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