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Chris Brown Changes Facebook Status To ‘Single’


Picture of Chris Brown
Has Chris Brown made his first statement about his alleged assault on Rihanna, and has he announced the end of their relationship on Facebook?

Possibly Chris Brown is making a bold statement, or simply a slip-up unknowingly or either he’s making a public breakup with longtime girlfriend Rihanna in the form of his Facebook status, which the singer reportedly updated to ‘single’ according to Brown’s Facebook fans, and numerous news reports.

After a long period of silence since the controversial news broke of the Rihanna and Chris Brown assault, the R&B singer has possibly made this first public statement via the internet. Was changing his Facebook relationship status a symbol of how the singer feels at this time? Is it Rihanna or Chris Brown, fans should be feeling for? There were news reports that Rihanna was the one maybe who started the fight, but does that really matter?

“You’ll begin to see her true colours. Believe it!” the Chris Brown of Facebook supposedly wrote.

But still, no matter who starts a fight, some would say, there is no right for violence except in war and in defense, even if there’s a history of violence in the picture.

Was Chris Brown giving a statement on Facebook or not? The only somewhat statement from the singer previous to this and following the assault incident with Rihanna would be his phone conversation with T.I. which T.I. revealed to Carson Daly, as previously reported, on his Last Call show.

“I spoke to him today,” T.I. said. “He’s cool, you know. He’s a little concerned about the situation, but he’s still the same Chris. I told him, ‘This too shall pass.’ We’re celebrities, we’re entertainers, but we’re still human — all of us. Don’t expect us not to make mistakes, because we will,” T.I. added.

Brown has until March 5th, 2009 before court proceedings on the case and as of yet, there have been no comments from Brown’s representatives as to the updated Facebook status.

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