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50 Cent vs Rick Ross: ‘How Officer Ricky Got Signed’ – Episode 2 (Cartoon) ft. Jay-Z, Beyonce


How Rick Ross Got Signed cartoon video picture
The hip hop disses continue to flow in the 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross hip hop beef with this episode of 50 Cent’s cartoon ‘How Officer Ricky Got Signed’ featuring Jay-Z and an appearance by Beyonce, the sequel to Officer Ricky – Episode 1 (Cartoon).

“They gonna give me a hundred f-cking years and all you can say is ‘BOSS!’,” screamed 50 Cent in the cartoon ending episode 1.

“Ok, well let me hear you though dawg, nah I mean” Jay-Z starts in episode 2 cartoon after receiving a call from Rick Ross over the phone. Following that, music by Rick Ross plays in the background while he raps… “Started with a lick, then I seen a hundred bricks, started on the corner now a ni-ga 106.”

“Yo that’s hot,” says Jay-Z while jumping out of his seat positioned behind the desk while Beyonce sits on top of the office desk with her sexy legs crossed. “That’s hot, what’s the name of that?” added Jay-Z.

“BOSS!” shouts Rick Ross while jumping in the air.

“That was hot, that was fire right there,” says Jay-Z. “YES!” shouts Ross. “Let me hear something again, something real hot though” adds Jay-Z

Music by Rick Ross plays again in the background with Ross’ diss joint towards 50 lyrics, “Can’t wait to pay your rent/Curtis Jackson baby mama..”

“I don’t like that one,” Jay-Z interrupts. “What? This one hear?” asked Ross. “That one was different,” added Jay-Z while Ross is scracting his head with confusion mumbling “Nah that ain’t… know what I’m sayin..”

“I’m in the game so long I know heat when I hear it,” interrupts Jay while Rick Ross takes time to read a book with the title Drug Dealing for Dummies.

“We only signing like two artists while we down hear, we already signed one already. So let me hear something again,” urges Jay-Z.

Music by Rick Ross plays again in the background with Ross’ lyrics, “Who gives a fuck what a hater gotta say, I made a couple million dollars last year dealing weight…”

“Yo that’s hot!,” interrupts Jay-Z as Beyonce begins cheering.

Check out the full cartoon… BOSS!

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