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Bow Wow Shows Paperwork To Lamborghini; Accepts Soulja Boy’s Challenge To Race, Says ”Arab Watch Your Boyfriend”


Photo of Bow Wow showing proof he owns his Lamborghini
“I’ma keep this real short, simple, but sweet… there are so many ways I could have went about this with DeAndre Ramone Way. I don’t even refer to the lil n-gga as Soulja Boy, I just call him DeAndre, better yet I’ma just call him Ramone,” stated Bow Wow while standing in the arcade room of his Condo according to the rapper.

“You cannot win this argument until you have a Lamborghini Murcielago,” added Bow Wow referring to the original challenge by Soulja Boy to race him for the pink slips to their Lamborghinis.

The rapper also brings up that he has proof that he owns his Lamborghini slamming the rumors that his ride, the orange Lamborghini seen in this video, was rented.

“The difference between your piece of shit and my beast, is they make my whip overseas across the water,” Bow Wow said about Soulja Boy’s car for being made by Audi, according to the rapper.

“For any n-gga out there that think that my Lambo is rented, you crazy. I’ve been working… this is what I do n-gga, I been making money since I was in diapers n-gga. That’s why n-ggas don’t like me. That’s why these real rap heads they don’t like me because they feel like shit came too easy. So you can’t ‘out stunt’ a stunna n-gga… lil DeAndre… You want my paperwork, here go my paperwork right here,” stated Bow Wow as he showed documents to confirm that his 2006 Lamborghini is registered in his name. According to Bow Wow, he didn’t pay for his Lamborghini with cash because he has good credit stating, “I paid it with my black card b!tch.”

As Bow Wow proceeds to talk, the rapper also states he accepts Soulja Boy’s challenge and takes a few jabs at him stating that when he wins he’s going to pick up kids in the projects in Atlanta and give them a ride in Soulja Boy’s Lambo when he wins it from Soulja Boy. Bow Wow also says he’s ready and has already spoken with the CEO of Lamborghini who says they will sponsor the race and he’s in works to get the race on the SPEED channel and/or ESPN and all Soulja Boy has to do is show up.

Towards the end of the video, Bow Wow encourages Mr. Collipark (Michael Crooms, president of the record label Collipark Records) to tame his artist Soulja Boy before he kills his career and he even calls out to Soulja Boy’s longtime friend and protege Arab saying, “Arab watch your boyfriend mayne. Have him on suicide watch.”

Watch Bow Wow’s video entitled “Response To The 1 Hit Wonder”

Subtitle to the video stated the following:
Don’t with grown men lil boy. Ur done! Finished! RIP to your career, RIP to your Lambo. And RIP to your last album n-gga!!!

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