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Soulja Boy Laughs, Responds To Bow Wow’s News of Rented Lamborghini


Soulja Boy Responds To News of Bow Wow’s Lamborghini Being Rented
Rapper Soulja Boy responds to Bow Wow after first challenging him to a Lamborghini race for the pink slip to his new ride, a white Lamborghini Gallardo. As previously reported, Bow Wow who after Soulja Boy’s challenge released a video of his own riding in an orange Lamborghini may have been exposed for flossin in a rented Lamborghini. Soulja Boy has replied with another video after the news on Bow Wow was released and had a few words to say on what he felt about Bow Wow’s video where he says quote, “[Bow Wow] attempted to sh-t on me.”

“I watched this video and I was like man, you know lil dude dang he snapping,” stated Soulja Boy.

“He was calling me a lil n-gga, he about that taller than me (pointing and showing Bow Wow’s height next to his shoulder) and he lil’ than me and I be looking down at him, so he was like lil n-gga, I was like what the f–k. Then he was showing his Lambo… talking about Arab come work for him all his sh-t. Ok, ok, let me tell yall something fact one that’s not Bow Wow’s Lamborghini that sh-t is rented, ” added Soulja Boy

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