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Lil Wayne Sits With CBS’ Katie Couric For All Access Grammy Special (Preview)

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Lil Wayne with Katie Couric For All Access Grammy Special
Lil Wayne sits with CBS’ Katie Couric for her ‘All Access Grammy Special’. Katie Couric asks Wayne (Weezy) about his real name DeWayne and why he dropped the De and calls himself Wayne. The two also talks about what would he say to Bush, being a gangster and more.

“Your real name is DeWayne right,” Katie Couric asks him.
“Real name,” Lil Wayne says laughing and rolling his eyes.

“So why did you drop the De?,” Couric asks.
“I’ll tell you on TV. I dropped the De because I’m a junior. My father is living and he’s not in my life and he’s never been in my life,” the rapper states (with the uncertain look he gives in the picture above). “So I don’t want to be DeWayne, I’d rather be Wanye” he adds with aggression.

Watch the video for the rest. The full interview is scheduled to air February 4th, 9/8 PM on CBS.

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