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Hip-Hop Entrepreneur Jermaine Dupri Reveals New Watch Line; Website Has A Taste For ‘White Girls’

Hip Hop

Jermaine Dupri Pop Watch, In The Studio With Usher
Jermaine Dupri fills everyone in on his latest venture which are watches. The music producer/entrepreneur introduces his line of watches as the ‘Pop Watch,’ with one particular type under the brand he will carry called “Crazy Time” which displays the numbers all over the face of the watch.

In addition to giving a preview of his latest venture, Jermaine Dupri (JD) continues on his revenge path which started a few days ago previously reported, with this time him showing Tyrone sleeping at the studio.

In an earlier video Usher stated that he would be getting a tattoo which would finish the completion of tattoos on his left arm. The singer did get his tattoo which he showed off, a design of Lady Justice.

In the end, Jermaine Dupri stated to Tyrone sitting in at the studio that fans had been asking what are they doing with all the white girls on Dupri’s website Global 14.

“…because when all the black girls are in the club they act like they’re at a dinner party,” Tyrone stated (mimics them by sitting with his legs crossed and acting like he’s drinking wine).

“The white girls be on the couch…. like whut!,” adds Tyrone while throwing up the typical party hand signs symbolizing ‘Rock On’.

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