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KOCH Switches Up Names, Becomes E1 Entertainment and E1 Music


E1 Entertainment Formerly KOCH Entertainment
KOCH originally began in 1975 as Koch International and was founded by Franz Koch and later leaked its way over to KOCH Records founded by Michael Koch, which is most known for its roster of artists and being an independent distributor.

In the time of changes, KOCH Records has decided to take a new route and opted to change their parent company name to E1 Entertainment LP (formerly Koch Entertainment) a music, film, and television distribution company and it’s record label KOCH Records to E1 Music on January 22th, 2009. In addition to the name change, according to reports, the company will also be relocating its main office to Long Island, NY in late February with the urban division remaining in Manhattan, NY. The company maintains offices in New York, Nashville, and Toronto.

KOCH currently has more than 100 subsidiaries and is the leading independent music and video distributor in the U.S., the world’s largest music market, and Canada, the world’s sixth largest music market.

Short list of subsidiaries & company structure
* E1 Music
* E1 Entertainment Canada
* E1 Entertainment Distribution
* E1 Music Publishing
* E1 Entertainment U.S.
* E1 Films

Short list of present and past labels under E1 Music
* Babygrande Records
* Black Hole Recordings
* D-Block Records
* Death Row Records
* Diplomat Records
* Doggystyle Records
* Equity Music Group
* JSP Records
* Knockout Entertainment
* Latchkey Recordings
* Midas Records Nashville
* Real Talk Entertainment
* Sick Wid It Records
* SST Records
* Terror Squad Entertainment
* TTL Records

In other news, E1 Music formerly KOCH Records is expected to release the soundtrack to the highly anticipated 3-D Stop-Motion animated movie “Coraline” in stores on February 24th, 2009. The soundtrack will be digitally available on February 3rd.

The company also announced the release of “Hidden Files,” the brand new album by rapper/producer Havoc (of Mobb Deep) which is also scheduled to be released on February 24, 2009.

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