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Jermaine Dupri In The Studio In Vegas; Gearing Up For Usher

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Jermaine Dupri SoSo Def
Jermaine Dupri (JD) is in the studio in Vegas with Usher, Johnta, B. Cox and others as they prep and begin work on Usher’s new album. In his ‘Living The Life’ v-blog, JD talks about Bow Wow possibly losing all his money in Vegas and may have ‘vamped off’ because of it. For fans that didn’t know, Bow Wow was sick the other day and JD states he believes he has heard he’s gotten sick yet again.

JD also talks about getting revenge on B. Cox for them taping him getting a few zzz’s and putting the video possibly online.

“It’s gonna be a Cox moment any day now,” JD says looking at the camera hoping to get revenge.

Check out the video as Usher shows off his tattoos and JD capturing Johnta sleeping with his mouth wide open snoring.

“I told him I was going to get his ass, I got em,” shouts JD.

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