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50 Cent Moving Over Into The Dietary Supplement Business


Photo of 50 Cent wearing gray pinstripe suit
Oh no is what some may say after hearing that 50 Cent is interested in taking his million dollar portfolio and getting into the dietary supplements business. Why wouldn’t he with a physique like his? Of course, it’ll have teens running to the next GNC, college athletes racing and all the health conscience bodybuilders purchasing it at the nearest store who carries the product. But wait, this may make you cautious after hearing that Vitamin Water in which Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson has been putting money into recently is being sued by The Center for Science in the Public Interest, but it wasn’t 50′s fault, he was just the celebrity promoter/investor for it.

Just to fill you in, according to CSPI, they are suing Coca Cola for selling the 50 Cent promoted Vitamin Water by making claims that it is not good for you because it’s loaded with crystalline fructose – a euphemism for high fructose corn syrup that will rot your nice white pearlies and give you a bloated belly that’ll have you going to the nearest gym. One thing to remember what Coca Cola and other health fanatics say do is read the label.

As far as 50 Cent dabbling in the dietary supplements business, the G-Unit founder, rapper/actor and entrepreneur reportedly stated to NY Daily News, “Right now, I’m interested in dietary supplements. I’ll be coming up with something very soon.”

50 Cent also adds, “When [my career] blew up, I developed the Diddy syndrome. As soon as you develop the Diddy syndrome, you put a little more grease in your hair, and soon enough, you’re selling cologne.”

In other news, his latest album “Before I Self Destruct” is scheduled to drop in March 2009.

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