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Videotape Surfaces Showing Gucci Mane Punching Female Rapper in the Face


Photo of Gucci Mane and Mac Bre-Z
Gucci Mane punches Atlanta female rapper Mac Bre-Z at a album release party who is featured on the song “Stupid” with Gucci Mane. According to Mac Bre-Z, in the video she states that she came out and Gucci Mane was probably not expecting her and that she had some type of relationship with the rapper who visibly had hostility towards the female hip hop artist because his other girl was there and he showed his anger when he shoved her off the stage at the beginning of the altercation. This was sparked also due to the DJ reportedly playing one of their tracks. Afterwards, Mac Bre-Z threw some type of glass object at the rapper which sparked him to lunge at her and punch her in the face as seen in the video tape.

Gucci Mane, who is no virgin to trouble, was sentenced to one year in jail after violating probation back in September.

As recently reported, Gucci Mane born Radric Davis was originally on probation for a 2005 charge of assault and was sentenced to 6.5 years probation and 600 hours of community service for that charge. After failing to comply with his probation, the rapper was then sentenced to one year after appearing in court on a DUI charge after only serving 25 hours of community service. In addition, Gucci Mane reportedly showed up to a probation meeting high on ecstasy and marijuana and tested positive for alcohol.

The latest project out with Gucci Mane, “Hood Classics” was released on September 23, 2008 and reportedly sold 2,800 copies it’s first week.

Video: Watch Rapper Gucci Mane Punch female rapper Mac Bre-Z in the Face

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