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Ne-Yo A Peeping Tom? Sees Young Jeezy Naked, Rants I’m Not Gay


Photo of singer Ne-Yo
Ne-Yo is pretty upset about recent gossip on him and people calling him ‘gay’ for nearly four years, however recently the singer was stated to have recently moved in an Atlanta neighborhood and discovered that rapper Young Jeezy lives right next door.

According to reports, the singer recently told People magazine that he can see right in Jeezy’s home and caught the rapper naked.

“Just chillin’ one day, I was like, ‘Is that… Jeezy?”

“I hit him up: ‘Yo, you probably shouldn’t walk around naked – I can see you,” Ne-Yo stated.

The singer has since then reportedly ranted on his blog stating, “The whole gay thing. For goodness sake it’s been 4 years!!!! Y’all still on that huh? The whole “boys” song, and the song “go over there.”

The alleged blogging by Ne-Yo continues to go on ranting that he told the magazine about Jeezy living across from him and implying that what he said was a joke by saying that the rapper doesn’t want to go around walking naked with the shades up because their properties are so close.

The singer/songwriter also writes that he’s not gay and yells each NOT in caps and yells again in all caps “I’M NOT STUPID.”

“I’m NOT gay, I’m NOT prejudice to anyone, I DID NOT get stomped out by Jim Jones or anyone else, I’m NOT engaged, I’M NOT STUPID,” Ne-Yo is quoted as writing.

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