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Music Biz 101: Soulja Boy Explains 3 Keys To Becoming A Successful Artist


Soulja Boy in Interscope office in Cali

While at his office at Interscope Records in California, DeAndre ‘Soulja Boy’ Way the teen rapper and young business man explains the three keys to becoming a successful artist. After first pointing out that the Yahoo! Center which is within eye view of the young entrepreneur’s office window, Soulja Boy then goes into detail.

“What is that? That is the Yahoo! Center, understand what I’m saying. Yahoo! Center, right here in California, Interscope Records, this is my office. Now peep game, 3 keys to becoming a successful artist… now to obtain haters you have to have what? Fame, money and girls,” Soulja Boy says.

“How do you get fame, money and girls? You have to become a successful artist. How do you become a successful artist? First, the Internet,” Soulja Boy starts out.

“You see this right here, this is the latest Soulja Boy mixtape, already 10,000 downloads in the first 10 minutes of being released. Now how did I do that? I’m going to teach you,” the rapper continues.

For the next 2 minutes Soulja Boy goes on talking about product, his business deals such as with The Finish Line (major retailer of athletic shoe brands such as Nike Jordan, Adidas, Puma, Baby Phat and more), his many PR (public relations) mentions in publications across the internet, the top social networks on where you should be (Myspace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter), his latest kicks, and his album — ending his video with “until next time,” suggesting more video business advice and tips from Soulja Boy to come.

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