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Soulja Boy New Sex Symbol? Shows Off In Webcam Video For The Ladies

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Soulja Boy Webcam Video Photo
Soulja Boy aka DeAndre Way, 18, most known for his internet success will possibly get more known for his physique he’s always showing off now these days.

On Wednesday, the teen star uploaded a video showing off his transformed physique he has been developing throughout the years and leaves a message for the ladies and his T-Mobile address saying ‘if u got gifts – souljaboytellem at tmail.com’.

Recently the rapper did a premiere of his new online animation series theme song and intro on TellEm TV in which he becomes an animated character alongside his sidekicks Arab and Jabar. Soulja Boy plays an animated celebrity teenager that has to go back to class and finish the school year while the adult characters remain real-life such as Alfonso Ribeiro (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) who plays the principal.

In other news, Soulja Boy released his latest album “iSouljaBoyTellEm” which didn’t sell as high as everyone would have hoped although his ringtones have been in high demand. Although the Soulja Boy’s album failed to please, the rapper’s other projects are seeming to be doing far greater.

Soulja Boy Webcam Video Photo

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