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Jermaine Dupri No Longer President Of Island Records Urban Division?


Photo of Jermaine Dupri
CEO/Entrepenuer Jermaine Durpri of SoSo Def could possibly have been given the pink slip at Island Records Urban Division, in which he held the position as President. According to numerous reports, Dupri was terminated after he stopped showing up for work due to his significant other Janet Jackson’s disappointing album ‘Discipline’ and tour sales. Janet Jackson reportedly left Island Def Jam earlier in 2008.

After Jackson’s project underperformed, fingers began pointing at Dupri stating that Janet was giving too much creative control over her album ‘Discipline,’ while others blame lack of promotions and marketing. Another similar situation was when Dupri left from Virgin Urban Music shortly after Jackson left her longtime label, Virgin Records, after disappointing sales of her 2006 album 20 Y.O.

Dupri was still on the books at Island Records, but allegedly wasn’t showing up for work while he was still receiving checks. Dupri failed to scout out talent, release any projects and took the failure of Jackson’s album and project quite hard reportedly.

Island is expected to possibly release a statement at a later date.

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