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Soulja Boy says, ‘Nas Killed Hip Hop Like George Bush F-cked Up America’


Soulja Boy Bling
Rapper Soulja Boy on video has taken what many view as a big risk, mentioning a name such as Nas who has a royal loyal following. The ‘crank dat’ rapper who some have claimed killed Hip Hop himself, is now speaking his feelings on who killed Hip Hop and the rapper mentions Nas as the guilty one who killed Hip Hop by declaring “Hip Hop Is Dead.”

“Real talk the n-gga who killed Hip Hop for real is Nas dawg. That n-gga killed Hip Hop… He came out publicly and said ‘Hip Hop Is Dead’ and then after that everybody started saying ‘Hip Hop is Dead,’ ‘Hip Hop is Dead’ oh sh-t, oh sh-t, Nas said it!! … Think About It, If Nas would have never said ‘Hip Hop is dead’ then muthaf-ckers would’ve never thought it had died. They would have never had that terminology … he should have thought that sh-t over.”

Soulja Boy goes on to say that rapper Nas “f’cked up everybody money” and also “killed his own career” as well.

Nas is not the only topic in this now infamous video — Soulja Boy also mentions T.I., the quote ‘King of the South,’ and Lil Wayne, the first rapper to called himself ‘best rapper alive,’ according to Soulja Boy.

Following that, Soulja Boy says that when rapper Nas said ‘Hip Hop is Dead,’ that’s when “them white folks said ‘Give that n-gga a million dollars’!”

“That’s like — see how George Bush f-cked up America, same way with Nas did with Hip Hop … see how Lil Wayne came back and sold a million albums in a week and proved Nas wrong … see how Barack Obama coming.. how he won, they say it couldn’t be no black president and look at all the haters he had … he became the first black president and now he sh-tting on George Bush. It’s like Lil Wayne sold a million albums in a week after Nas said Hip Hop is Dead. But he didn’t say nigga Nas Ima sh-t on you because you said Hip Hop is dead … I respect that n-gga for that.”

This video comes at a time when the rapper Soulja Boy reportedly sold under 40,000 copies of his latest album iSouljaBoyTellem, as recently reported.

Check out the video:


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