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Sarah Palin’s Teen Daughter, Bristol, Gives Birth; Baby Pics $300K


Photo of Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston
Sarah Palin’s Teen Daughter, Bristol Palin Gives Birth To New Baby Boy; Baby Pics May Be Worth Over $300K.

Alaskan Governor and possibly Barack Obama’s greatest competitor next to John McCain, Republican Sarah Palin, is now officially a grandmother of a new grandson by her teen daughter Bristol Palin who has given birth to a baby boy she named Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston.

On Sunday, Bristol, 18, who was first reported pregnant during the “Presidential Nomination” at the age of seventeen, gave birth to the seven pounds, four ounces baby boy.

Reportedly Bristol Palin has been dating her boyfriend Levi Johnston, a former high school hockey player, for the past three years and both dropped out of high school, however, since then, Bristol completed her diploma through educational courses. Meanwhile, Levi Johnston quit school to start working.

When Sarah Palin was running for VP of the United States, she announced her daughter’s pregnancy by Levi Johnston on the first day of the national convention. During the announcement, the two, were to be wed soon, but so far it hasn’t happened. Now it’s stated the marriage will come sometime in ’09.

Meanwhile, Johnston’s mother Sherry Johnston was arrested on felony drug charges this month after authorities served her a warrant at her Wasilla home for selling drugs. She reportedly was texting messages to a couple of police informants discussing making the drug transactions which included the sell of OxyContin.

According to sources, Bristol could possibly earn over an estimated $300,000 for the first baby pictures of her newborn son.

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