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Joe Budden Publicly Ends Hip-Hop Video Beef With Rapper Ransom


Rapper Joe Budden
Rapper Joe Budden responds back to New Jersey rapper Ransom and apologizes to his fans. After a series of on-going video disses towards each other, Joe Budden decided it’s better for New Jersey if he ends the beef citing he’s a leader by example for the New Jersey movement.

“Sooner or later you got to take a step back and look at the situation and analyze it,” the rapper states. He goes on to state you have to ask, “…is the risk worth the reward. You’re talking about a guy [Ransom] who the highlight of his bio is I beefed with Joe Budden. If you don’t believe me Google it.”

Joe Budden continues on talking in his cool calm voice about Ransom talking smack and portraying himself as hardcore and gangsta. Budden then points out that if this continued and some hip-hop video sites start taking advantage of it, the outcome could possibly make someone end up dying for instigating due to Ransom trying to get a little shine and impress others.

Budden calls ‘Beef’ “so 90′s” and says it’s over and that it should be about one tight movement with the New Jersey rappers such as himself getting together. “Ran [referring to Ransom] you win, you win for being more stupider than me and for not having anything going on with you in your life that is important enough for you to really think about what you’re doing. Vlad wins, World Star wins, everybody wins here…..”

Check out the video: Joe Budden’s MY RANSOM RESPONSE

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