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Chamillionaire Talks About Mixtapes, Soulja Boy and Corporate Music


Photo of rapper Chamillionaire

Rapper Chamillionaire tries to connect with his fans by leaving a message and talks about a number of things including mixtapes, the corporate music industry, and rapper Soulja Boy. Chamillionaire also informs fans that they can pre-order his mixtape “Mixtape Messiah 6″ which will be available January 13th, but will be shipped out on January 9th.

Chamillionaire says that he read messages from fans and one in particular telling him that he shouldn’t ever sell a mixtape and should give them away free to fans. The rapper expresses himself stating that in order to make these mixtapes it costs money.

“The reason way I am able to drop so many mixtapes is cause I happen to have money, a good amount of it. So, I can actually can pay engineers, and studios… for mix sessions. The average person doesn’t even realize.. understand that if you do a whole block out in a studio for a day, that’s like $1200 dollars for one day. That’s why you don’t see some of your favorite local artists dropping all these mixtapes like that and putting all these products out in the street because who’s got the money for all of that, then on top of that you got to sell a product just to get your money back if you’re them…,” Chamillionaire stated.

Chamillionaire then goes on to say that he could spend thousands and thousands of dollars pressing up mixtapes or just recording and giving them out to fans, but should he do that and spend all his money until he’s broke.

The rapper also talks about looking at the charts and Soulja Boy not selling that many records and speaks about how long do you think corporates are going to allow an artist to get away with selling low numbers of albums after spending thousands and millions on you regardless if the artist sold a huge amount of ringtones.

“I just mentioned Soulja Boy a little earlier, but I mentioned him because I think he deserves to sell some records for all this work he’s done put in. I really do. I think a lot of people are paying attention to him. I think he has more fans than what he just sold or what he’s about to sell. He should see those sells, understand, that’s what I feel. Nobody wants to put in a whole bunch of work for nothing. Nobody does! I don’t care if you doing it just for the love of music, you want to see that people are supporting you…, ” Chamillionaire adds.

Checkout the almost 7 minute message.

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