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5 Shot During Rapper E-40′s Performance Outside Nightclub


Photo of rapper E-40
At a sold out event at Club Vinyl, markers and bullet casings became the scene where at least five people are suspected to have been shot outside a nightclub in Denver, CO where California rapper E-40 was performing in the wee hours on Saturday morning.

According to sources, four of the five victims were treated and then released with one person remaining in critical condition.

“It was bullets flying everywhere. It was automatic. It was like a machine gun, ba-dop ba-bop ba-bop ba-bop. It was just really crazy,” Kendall Davis, a security guard with the nearby 11th Avenue Hotel, told 9 News in Colorado. “At first we hear a wave of shots and we didn’t realize it was gunfire until we seen a lot of people running by. So then definitely I wanted to secure our building, so we hit all the lights, locked the front door, secured our business because we didn’t want any shooters running in.”

“It was just mass chaos. Basically, once we realized that there was no more shooters, I just kind of came out and made sure no one got hit. We realized that a bullet went through one of our windows, room 19, so I had to run out there and check and make sure the resident up there didn’t get shot,” said Davis. “It was pretty crazy.”

No further details were available, and there has been no official statements from rapper E-40.

E-40 has another scheduled hip hop performance at the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium in California on January 11th which will be an album release party for his album “The Ball Street Journal.”

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