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Rapper Jim Jones and Goons ‘Stomp Down’ Jay-Z’s Friend and Ne-Yo


Jim Jones
A rival between rapper Jim Jones and Jay Z, reportedly may have just gotten physical. MediaTakeOut is reporting that, in New York on Monday, at a ultra-luxurious Louis Vuitton store on Fifth Avenue while out Christmas shopping, rapper Jim Jones and his entourage got into a verbal then physical altercation with Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith (you may remember him from the infamous R. Kelly pepper spray case in 2004) over his friend Jay-Z which ended in both Ty Ty and R&B singer and official GentlemenoftheYear Ne-Yo getting ‘stomped down.’

“It was total chaos – Ty Ty got stomped out right there in the store – I thought they were going to kill him,” a witness told MediaTakeOut. “And when Ne-Yo tried to break it up, he got stomped too … someone had their foot on Ne-Yo’s neck!!!”

The insider witness stated that the whole incident derived from when one of the men with Jim Jones made a comment about Jay Z to the 5 foot 4 inches Ty Ty who responded causing things to ‘pop off.’

Sources claim that neither Ne-Yo or Smith appeared to suffer any serious injuries after the supposed altercation.

No official statements have been released by representatives for Jay Z, Jim Jones, Ty Ty or either Ne-Yo about the reported incident at this time.

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