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Man Accused of Killing T.I.’s Friend Sentenced To 66 Years To Life


Convicted Killer Hosea Thomas
Accused gunman Hosea Thomas, convicted killer of T.I.’s assistant and childhood friend Philant Johnson who was killed in May of 2006 after being struck in the head was sentenced to spend 66 years to life in prison on December 23, 2008. It was recently reported, Johnson was hit by a bullet which was fired into an SUV he was riding in which resulted in Philant Johnson’s death.

In June, Hosea Thomas, 35 who were arrested and charged with murder and felonious assault was sentenced by a Cincinnati judge on last month. His brother Padron Thomas, who was arrested along with him was charged with tampering with evidence pertaining to the Johnson murder and has not been sentenced yet as he awaits trial for a drug case.

“[Thomas] gave Philant Johnson a death sentence—and his family, he gave them a death sentence as well,” said Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Ralph Winkler, stating that he would show Thomas as much mercy as he showed his victim.

Allegedly the shooting stemmed from an incident involving the two brothers and T.I.’s entourage at the Club Ritz where they allegedly stalked T.I.’s entourage following an after-hours party.

“All of those rounds were fired for me, in my opinion,” T.I. testified Nov. 21 during Thomas’ trial. “Before I know it, shots rang out. At that time, we’re calling everybody’s name out to see if everybody was all right.”

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