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Dame Dash Says, ‘What [Jay-Z] Did To Me.. So Heinous And Foul..’

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Photo of Damon Dash
Damon “Dame” Dash, 37, speaks on Jay Z, working with Jim Jones, hip hop business and more. Though the former CEO and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records hasn’t slammed or dissed “Jay-Z” born Shawn Carter, 39, he clearly doesn’t have the same feelings towards his former business partner and friend, or should that be former very close friend, as Dame stated that there was a time when he quote would have “took a bullet for ‘Jay’.”

“I’m quite sure it can be perceived as some kind of a conflict, but you know, Jay’s done a lot for rap and a lot for hip-hop and in hip-hop, you go at people lyrically,” Dame responded when asked did he feel his new work project would spark any conflict.

“Jay put me in a position where I can’t protect him no more. You know what I mean. What he did to me publicly could be perceived as ‘so heinous and foul’ how could I ever tell somebody don’t do nothing.. he really kinda made where he made things just business, so for me I just don’t get involved. You know what I’m saying. That’s me. Before I made have took a bullet for Jay, I might have took a punch in the face for him. But now, I just totally don’t get involved, so anybody has any issues with him, it ain’t too much I can do, and the only reason why, is because that’s the way he chose it to be. You know what I’m sayin.. I wish it wasn’t like that but being that it is.. it is what it is.. you won’t hear me sayin nothing about Jay… but I’m not gone be jumping in a fight for him, regardless to who it’s with.. that’s just the way he put things.”

Dame went on the talk about Kanye, his experiences with Roc-A-Fella and reveals that he has alot of untold stories he could tell.

Check out the video interview, Dame had with Hip Hop Official RAW:

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