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Persia of VH1′s ‘White Rapper Show’ Faces Jail After Gun Charge; Asks For Fans Support

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Persia of VH1’s White Rapper Show
Seems that Persia from the VH1′s 2006 reality series, “The White Rapper Show” has gotten into a bit of trouble. The female MC is facing jail time from an ongoing two year domestic violence dispute according to a press release issued by MNS Media.

Persia born Rachel Murcerino has reportedly been battling for her life with an estranged ex-boyfriend who has been threatening her life and the life of her family which includes her mother and six-month old daughter without any help from law enforcement. Due to this, the rapper has been trying to protect not only her own life, but also her young daughter’s the very best she can.

According to the release, Persia was pulled over during a routine traffic stop and officers searched her vehicle and found a loaded handgun under her front seat. Due to this, Persia is now facing a three-and-half year prison sentence instead of six-month sentence allegedly promised by her attorney when she plead guilty at the time.

Currently the rapper is asking fans to support her in an attempt to get the sentence reduced.

“I was involved in an abusive relationship which led to him trying to kill me. I felt I had no choice but to protect myself,” Persia said. Adding salt to an open wound, her assailant was also a police informant, leaving her feeling hopeless and even more vulnerable to his violent attacks.

The unnamed estranged ex-boyfriend reportedly called VH1 and threatened extortion by stating that he would reveal the winner of the show before its airing.

“I went into hiding but honestly, who can live like that? Someone I know bought me a gun so that I could get from my front door to my car with[out] being attacked or even killed,” Persia stated.

Now that her career was about to take off after two years and she inked a deal with a major label, it seems that Persia will be looking at charges for gun possession.

Persia asks that fans and those who are concerned to please fax letters or write to the District Attorney’s office requesting that her sentence be reduced taking into consideration she is a victim of domestic violence, a single mother of a six-month old daughter with no priors trying to protect herself and her family.

The rapper, who appeared in court on Friday, December 12, 2008, case was postponed.

In an update she writes on her myspace, “By the mercy of God and through all of your support, my court date has been postponed for reasons unknown to me. I want to thank everyone for everything. Your letters, your prayers and your support. We now have a little more time to get people with some influence involved in the case and argue the sentence. I will keep you updated as things progress.”

The court case and District Attorney’s information is as follows:

Rachel Mucerino vs. Ulster County

D.Holley Carnright, District Attorney
Ulster County Courthouse
275 Wall Street
Kingston, NY 12401

Phone: 845-340-3280
Fax: 845-340-3185

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