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50 Cent’s Blood On The Sand Skull Retriever Video Game Trailer Is Action Packed


50 Cent Blood On The Sand
50 Cent’s second video-game appearance sets him up against an outfit of international gangsters in a globe-spanning adventure. In this video game trailer and scene from the “Blood On The Sand” game, 50 Cent is looking for revenge because someone has taken his skull and he wants it back!

The game takes place in the middle-east.

“It’s like a virtual experience where you’re able to put yourself in the middle of an action film,” 50 Cent stated in a video interview with gaming site IGN.

The rapper went on to state the “Blood On The Sand” project, for him, was actually more hands-on than his last video game, “Bulletproof.”

“When I went out there [Los Angeles], they had like stills, photos of what they felt like the actual environment could look like and was telling me the actual story. I said cool, I had just watched Blood Diamonds… I said this is how I want it to feel, like this,” stated 50 Cent. “While I was traveling I came across this magazine that had an actual human skull that they placed diamonds in…., ” 50 added.

50 Cent goes on to talk more about the video game that from this video trailer is quite action packed. Check out the trailer.

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