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Joe Budden Puts New York on Blast, Says the City “Ain’t Sh-t!”

Hip Hop

Joe Budden in New York
Joe Budden, who was born in New York, seemed a bit fustrated at the city (New York) after a show and expressed his thoughts about how the city is just not what it used to be, but could be so much more if they supported their own (artists) more.

“New York ain’t shit, yall too fly! That’s why I stopped reppin New York.. and I love New York… I was born in New York so I can talk like that about New York. New York ain’t shit!” Budden expressed in the video taken from Joe Budden TV. “F-ck New York, and I say that as a fan of Hip-Hop,” added Budden.

Prior to that, the rapper also stressed how the city shows more love to Southern hip hop acts or “anybody that’s not from New York” more than (artists) within their own city.

“New York is just so cool, too fly to put their hands up. But they’ll do all that for a Kanye… anybody that’s not from New York.. If Wayne got on that stage, well let me not say Wayne.. [any] nigga with dope ass music, if he get on stage and he not from New York all of New York is gonna go crazy. But here you got one of yo’ own niggas, with a hit, on the f-cking stage and ya’ll stand there like f-ck it, I don’t even know. New York ain’t shit! And then niggas wonder why every other f-cking place in the world Hip Hop is poppin,” expressed Budden.

The rapper goes on in the video to end saying that the best thing ’50′ could have done was get out of New York!

Check out the full video of Joe Budden ‘putting New York on blast’ after a show at the club.

F*CK New York!!!

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