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The Fat Boys Return; Prince Markie Dee Dec. 13th at Holiday Block Party


The Fat Boys
Beginning in 1982 featuring Prince Markie Dee, Kool Rock-Ski and the late Buffy aka Buff Love (The Human Beat Box), the rap group created a unique blend of talent and music that took hip-hop by storm. The group is most known for their singles “Fat Boys”, “The Fat Boys Are Back!”, “Stick ‘Em”, “Can You Feel It”, “Jailhouse Rap”, “Crushin’,” “Wipeout” and their movie “Disorderlies”.

Although the group now may be one man short, the memory of Buffy still remains as the two surviving members return to bring something old and new to the music scene. With their latest single “Unity” which includes samples of “Brrrrr Stick ‘em” and The Human Beat Box, the mellow song with a piano playing and the sound of a Hammond organ, the group talks about the return of the Kool Rock-Ski, Prince Markie Dee, how the group began, MLK, thugs and how everyone has to unite.

On Saturday, December 13th at 6pm at Clematis Street in West Palm Beach Florida, Prince Markie Dee will be at the 3rd Annual Vanilla Ice Holiday Block Party which is a “Toys for Tots” event. For those who live in the area, admission will be free with an unwrapped toy donation.


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