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Lil Wayne Fans Scammed In Colorado For Non-Existing Concert


Rapper Lil Wayne
It’s not uncommon for scammers to prey on victims during the Summer or the holidays, and this time Lil Wayne fans were victimized in Colorado and left standing outside The Palladium for an concert that did not exist.

Patrons reportedly bought $30 tickets for the supposed Lil Wayne concert and later discovered after standing outside that the concert was actually not taking place, according to 9 News. One fan by the name of Mike Croisant told the news station that he tried to get his money back, but now believes it was a scam and even tried to call the concert promoter listed as I-95 Entertainment which did not work.

According to the manager, Ron Granieri, who’s over The Palladium which is connected to Oasis Club stated that a concert was never scheduled there and the tickets that were sold were fraudulent.

The manager went on to state he has been receiving calls from patrons saying they bought the tickets and now his question is ‘where they bought their actual tickets from’ cause they were never sold out of his Club.

Currently, the Adam’s County Sheriff Department is looking into whether there will be an investigation to find the person or persons who were selling the fraudulent tickets.

In other news, fans in NY are feeling a similar effect but not to the extent of being scammed, rather feeling the effect of show cancellations.

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