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President Bush Reduces Jailtime of Rapper, Fugees Producer John Forte

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John Forte - Music Producer/Rapper
As President Bush prepares to leave from the White House to make room for the newly elected President Barack Obama, Bush plays catch-up by issuing pardons or reduced sentences. Out of one of the 16 current people to be either pardoned or to receive a reduced sentence, rapper and producer John Forte known for his affiliation and production for the Fugee’s will be one to receive a reduced sentence. As a part of the reduced sentence Forte who was arrested in 2000 now only has to serve half of his 14 year sentence.

In 2000, Forte was arrested and sentenced to 14 years after being caught with two briefcases filled with liquid cocaine, which had an estimated worth of $1.4 million dollars. Forte stated he was innocent and admitted to have been hanging with the wrong people at that time, but federal agents didn’t buy his story and had recorded him telling an associate’s couriers to “put the ice cream in the tub.” Forte explained that he knew the conversation was about money, but knew nothing about $1.4 million dollars worth of liquid cocaine that was found inside of the briefcases which he was loading into a taxi at the time he was arrested. Forte ended up being charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine and conspiracy to distribute.

Forte who studied violin at Phillips Exeter Academy on a full scholarship began his music career when he was introduced to the Fugees by singer/songwriter and music producer Lauryn Hill in 90′s. Forte has been credited for co-writing and producing two songs on their multi-platinum album “The Score” which won a Grammy. After the music group broke up in 1997, Forte began working with Wyclef Jean and released his debut solo album “Poly Sci” in 1998.

Meanwhile, Forte will be released from jail on December 22nd and will face five years of supervised probation.

While Forte was in prison, Senator Orrin Hatch, singer Carly Simon and her son Ben Taylor (Exeter Academy classmate) were among those who continued to adovacate for his release stating that Forte did not receive a fair trial.

Forte was one of two inmates who received reduced sentences, the 14 others were pardoned.

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