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Keyshia Cole’s BET Reality Series ‘The Way It Is’ Brings In Record Numbers


Keyshia Cole -The Way It Is
On Keyshia Cole’s reality series which premiered last week for it’s third season, the singer talks about getting healthy and fit for her new album “A Different Me” and hiring a nutritionist and chef. Season three of “The Way It Is” continues to follow Keyshia, her sister Neffe and mother Frankie who all start to discover their own personal paths and worth.

Keyshia Cole takes fans on a journey with her in the studio in which she works with the President Ron Fair at A&M Records and record producer Polow Da Don for her album “A Different Me”. They all talk about her songs, how relationships bring about songs, her ‘pimpin’ being off and more. The singer also attempts to put her foster mother Yvonne together with her biological mother Frankie to spend time together and mend their differences, but as always it results in arguments over Keyshia.

Keyshia Cole’s Sister Neffe - The Way It Is

Her sister Neffe talks about how her life has changed dramatically and being a homeowner with the help of Keyshia Cole. Neffe also talks about how she was in a different mind frame at first on previous seasons and talks about her daughters and 6-month old son Jaylin.

Neffe goes back to the family counselor and tells him that she was on the brink of abortion the last time he saw her and that she has also cut down on drinking.

Keyshia Cole’s Mother Frankie - The Way It Is

Keyshia’s mother Frankie, talks about having the chance to be called granny by her grandchildren and how great it feels. As always, Frankie gets upset in the show about Neffe ending up with the house that she picked out, but stated that she is a single woman and the house is meant for a family and children come first. Frankie’s temper boils due to the fact that her clothes where at the door in a garbage bag and she doesn’t want to be anywhere that she’s not welcomed. Neffe tries to clear things up with Frankie about her clothes being in a garbage bag saying, “You don’t know what anybody is doing, you’re just jumping to conclusions. Where do you want me to put them, my stuff is also in a garbage bag?” This was after the members was settling into the new home.

Keyshia Cole’s BET reality show “The Way It Is” brought in over 1.94 million viewers on Tuesday which makes it now BET’s #1 original series season premiere telecast of all time.

Catch the show if you missed Tuesday’s episodes watch Keyshia Cole “The Way It Is” at BET.

Keyshia Cole -The Way It Is Keyshia Cole -The Way It Is

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