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Eminem Says Barack Obama Would Be A ”Breath Of Fresh Air”


The Democratic presidential nominee has gotten what would be hard to argue, an endorsement from one of hip-hop’s greatest. Rapper/producer Eminem has said that he would vote for Barack Obama because he would be quote “a breath of fresh air,” and the change we need after getting the Bush administration out of the door.

The rapper’s interview was with Zane Lowe of global news authority BBC and is Eminem’s first interview in four years.

“Yeah I will vote for Barack Obama,” stated Eminem.

“I can’t get too political honestly because I don’t know enough about everything to know what’s going on,” added the rapper. “I know we’re going into a recession and pardon the cliche but we need something to change. I think Barack would be a breath of fresh air to get what’s left of the Bush administration out of the door.”

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