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R. Kelly Wins $3.3 Million In Lawsuit Against Promoter

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R&B singer R. Kelly Photo
R&B singer/producer R. Kelly was awarded $3.4 million in damages in a judgment after tour promoter Leonard Rowe owner of Rowe Entertainment allegedly defaulted on obligations and failed to pay the R&B star millions of dollars in the “Double Up” tour proceeds on last year and earlier this year. According to Kelly, he decided to complete the tour not to upset fans, inturn performing free for many of the tour dates.

“I agreed to let Leonard Rowe promote my tour because he convinced me he was an underdog who deserved a chance to prove himself,” Kelly said in a statement. “Like the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.”

In addition to R. Kelly’s lawsuit, Rowe is also reportedly being targeted with a number of other lawsuits filed by investors who have accused the promoter of getting hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling them non-existent shares in the “Double Up” Tour.

According to R. Kelly’s contract, Rowe wasn’t allowed to sell off shares of his shows without his permission, however Rowe did so without his permission. After determining that this had been done, retired California Superior Court judge Arbitrator Richard P. Byrne awarded the R&B singer $3,397,410.38 in monetary damages.

“I have complete sympathy for all the good people who were swindled by Rowe,” Kelly said in a statement, “and I will do everything I can to help them get their money back from him.”

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