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First Issue of the Danity Kane Comic Preview


Danity Kane Comic Book
Danity Kane will now have their very own alter ego comic book with the first issue due out September 29. “She’s a superheroine who can control the world with her voice,” Dawn Richard told MTV. The comic book is expected to be put out one issue each quarter on the Internet, for at least five issues, with the fourth quarter issue produced in a manga style.

When describing the main character of the comic (Danity Kane), Richards describes her as all of them meshed into one. “Our five faces mesh into this one girl,” Richard said, “and because none of us have red hair, she has red hair. Well, Shannon had red hair once, but she doesn’t anymore.”

Check out the 14 page preview courtesy of MTV.

'Danity Kane' Cover

'Danity Kane' Pg. 1 'Danity Kane' Pg. 2 'Danity Kane' Pg. 3 'Danity Kane' Pg. 4

'Danity Kane' Pg. 5 'Danity Kane' Pg. 6 'Danity Kane' Pg. 7 'Danity Kane' Pg. 8

'Danity Kane' Pg. 9 'Danity Kane' Pg. 10 'Danity Kane' Pg. 11 'Danity Kane' Pg. 12

'Danity Kane' Pg. 13 'Danity Kane' Pg. 14

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