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Singer Kelis Suing The Miami Beach Police Department


Kelis Photo
According to numerous reports, singer and wife of rapper Nas, Kelis (Kelis Rogers-Jones) is allegedly launching a lawsuit against the Miami Beach Police for an unlawful arrest and for violation of her human rights. Kelis was arrested for cursing out two undercover Miami police officers in public. The singer was cleared of her charges due to lack of evidence by Florida’s Judge Antonio Arzola on disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Kelis’ lawyer Ira Loewy told E! News the following:

“She was engaged in a constitutionally protected right to protest this police action…..We’ll draft a civil rights complaint and hopefully get this filed within the next few weeks or couple of months. She was detained illegally, and her rights under the Fourth and First Amendment were violated. She was slandered by the police press releases that came out. It was totally given out to attack her reputation… and was totally false.”

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