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Lil Wayne Calls Out Rapper Eminem; Leaks ‘Tha Carter IV’ Album Info

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Lil Wayne Thinking Man

Rapper Lil Wayne recently revealed, in an interview with BBC’s 1Xtra’s DJ Semtex, that he is seeking to grow his ever expanding collaboration catalogue with aim set on underground sensation Jay Electronica and super rap star Eminem.

“Jay [Electronica] is crazy,” Wayne stated. “He probably don’t even know that I know his s**t, but that boy, he’s cold.”

And although the rapper has tried before to reach out to rapper Eminem for a collaboration with no success, 2 million album sales later, Lil Wayne claims he’s still reaching out to Eminem or rather, this time, calling him out since last time, he received no response from Eminem’s management.

“I’m aight with the raps, it’s ok to get on a song. I’m calling you out!” urged Wayne. “Come on out. I’m not calling you out to diss me because I can’t f*ck with you. But come do a song. Please…with three e’s.”

Wayne also spoke on a Carter IV album release, “Carter IV? It’s gonna be crazy because you know, I’m only getting better. Even though I’m getting older I’m only getting better,” stated Wayne. “I’m in my prime right now and my light is shining very. Very bright right now and I know that. So I’m gonna take advantage of that. And I promise you, I will never fail you.”

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