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Krayzie Bone Says He’ll Quit Weed Smoking After Lung Collapses


Krayzie Bone Smokes One
Reportedly Krayzie Bone has announced that he has stopped smoking that “good” aka marijuana after he was hospitalized due to his lung collapsing. The announcement was made on the Bone Thugs N Harmony board. In addition, the rapper states that he will not be making any more weed songs.

It looks like you weed smokers will now have to find another mellow rap group to smoke n ride to.

What’s up to my Bone Thug Nation! Just wanna reach out and thank everybody for their kind words and support for what i was going through. Fourtunately my situation isn’t real critical and It should pretty much heal own its own. At first the Doc was saying i may have to have surgery but i started to get better as the days went on. However i was told that i could not even think about smoking anything anymore, which is probably gonna save my life in the long run so im not mad at all. After all I been smoking weed since i was 19 every single day up until this situation occured. I’m blessed that I havn’t accumilated cancer at this point.It has actually been a real experience and a wake up call from Jehovah God reminding me that im not a teenager anymore, and I have to start taking care of my health. I’m taking this experience very seriously because next time i may not be so lucky. So to all my fans who love the Bone weed songs, im sorry but i probably won’t be making anymore because I won’t be smoking anymore. I’m simply tryna live!!! With all the tragidies that’s been happening lately like the passing of the LATE GREAT PIMP C(R.I.P.) I have to make changes in my life because i wanna continue making music for as long as i’m physicaly able, and more that i wanna live. But don’t think that this will effect my skills. Because even though i can’t smoke the fire, I’m still gonna bring the fire!!!!!!!Thats on Bone. This is me this saturday at the show Still going!!!!

Get well soon Krayzie.

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