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LL Cool J, Bye Bye Def Jam In ’08


LL Cool J
Todd James Smith “LL Cool J” who recently discussed his collaboration with Jim Jones, Method Man, Lil Kim and KRS-One “The 5 Borough’s is Back” can’t wait until the new year rolls around.

Why? After Cool James releases his LP in 2008 which will be produced by 50 Cent, he’ll no longer have to bow down to Def Jam which he was with for more than 20 years. LL has sold his part ownership of Def Jam and turned down the Def Jam president job.

No need to worry though, LL Cools has his own label, P.O.G. and formed the company Rock The Bells to produce music in 1993 and has his clothing line and other business projects to worry about.

The rapper will be 40 years-old on January 14th.

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